Monday, January 22, 2007

"Sono distrutta"

"I'm destroyed". Those were the parting words of the spinning instructor for today.

I belong to the FITNESS FIRST gym in Verona where I go for spinning classes when the weather isn't good, and to do some weight training. One of the biggest differences between spinning classes in Italy and the USA is that everyone here is already in shape!

Today was a tough spinning class. I still had some lactic acid in my legs from Saturday when 20 minutes into the class the instructor had us stop and pull out our seatposts. For the next 35 minutes it was out of the saddle....slow, fast, different positions, etc. Thankfully, there was great music blaring that distracted me from the signals my brain was sending (STOP!).

It gave me satisfaction to hear the instructor say at the end, "Sono distrutta." That made two of us.

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